The “Double-Edged Coin”

The Fallacy: “You are a thoughtless ingrate if you are American and yet condemn America; you are taking for granted the [obscene amounts of] wealth you have been blessed with, and should praise this country for providing for you.”

The Reason it is a Fallacy: The obscene amounts of wealth we have been “blessed” with is predicated upon [among other things] a) the genocide of the indigenous populations of the entire American continents, b) the enslavement and abuse of thousands of African peoples, a historical travesty comparable to a prolonged holocaust, and c) the corporate exploitation of poorer countries through war [oil?], wage slavery [China?], and the pressure to Americanize [“if you don’t join our system, you will be left in the dust“].

Perhaps many, including myself, condemn America precisely because of this wealth. Perhaps it is undeserved. Perhaps we are the antithesis of thoughtless because we do not compliantly bask in this wealth; we do not selfishly call ourselves “blessed” and turn a blind eye to the suffering from which this wealth is derived. We do not take it for granted.

And the underlying message of The Fallacy is that being better off equates to being better. America is somehow better for being materially wealthy. And so, it should be exempt from all criticism… even though not everyone sees material wealth as a measure of how “blessed” one is [because not everyone values material wealth as their life fucking passion].

Let’s dismantle this logic a little further [isn't this fun?]: followers of this logic presume to take the moral high-ground that it is our duty, no, our moral obligation to blindly accept the treasures of America, lest we be ungrateful for it. And yet in doing so, they neglect the suffering of millions of people, past and present, American and non-American; and they base their argument off the deceit that rich = better. All this talking of blessing and thankfulness… Aren’t the proponents of this Fallacy just saints, even by their own standards? Materialism never saved anyone…

Basically: “If you are born into American comfort, you should shut up and swallow it.”

Yes, I will criticize America. Yes, I was born into its wealth. Yes, I can control that as much as those born into poverty can control that they were born into poverty, or those who are black can control that they were born black. But, in life, I can control how aware I am of injustice, and speak out against it. And I wouldn’t wish poverty on anyone [myself included], rather I wish the wealth would be spread fairly. There is enough food in those world to feed every living human, if humans would will this to happen. It’s a question of will we will this to happen, instead of resting on our alleged laurels.

So, yes, coin is double-edged; one country’s wealth at the expense of so much more.

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Freedom of [insert: human right] Cannot be Owned

Prime example: Flag-desecration… An incredibly potent symbolic process involving the destruction of inanimate matter into another form of heaping inanimate matter… highly charged, “heated” topic, if you will, because of the belief in the meaning behind the flag… and yes, incidentally belief in meaning has a lot of power.

And the argument goes: “Why desecrate the flag of a country that allows you to exercise freedom of speech? The very act of desecrating the American flag is itself a display of freedom of speech — and therefore you should value this American right, and not burn the flag!”

The problem with this argument, aside from the obvious hypocrisy in saying shut the fuck up if you value freedom of speech, is that freedom of speech [in fact, any freedom] is not, and cannot be, owned. America does not own the rights to “freedom of speech.”  No one can. Freedom, by default, by definition, by absolute necessity, is free. In the same sense that, er, truth is true. Or chocolate is chocolaty. Freedom cannot be chained, owned, bound, or it isn’t free. By nature. If you are of the party that the word “freedom” isn’t meaningless, nonsensical, purely propagandistic jargon… if you are of the party that “freedom” isn’t a word owned by the government or the insane… if you are of the party that there is a such thing as oh, I don’t know, a human capable of not utterly tyrannizing and persecuting their fellow man, violating their freedoms… then you are of the party that freedom can exist.  And, if freedom can exist, then…  Freedom. Has. Meaning. Freedom is free. And that is precisely why, for example, sociopaths are culpable for raping and/or torturing and/or killing others; because they don’t have to be evil, because they have free will. And same goes for the government. For if you say “freedom can’t exist because the government has total control,” you a) deny the fact the that the government is perfectly free to stop being tyrannical but merely refuses to, you thereby b) deny the accountability of the government for not ceasing said tyranny and you c) submit in the face of perceived futility. A beautifully toxic combination. How can you strive for freedom if you deny its existence? So, for god’s sake,  don’t utterly submit to being a slave to a corrupt, morally bankrupt [yet fiscally flourishing], sociopathic corporatocracy. The worst tyranny is the voluntary surrender of freedom.

“Freedom isn’t free.” … To that I say, and “you obviously aren’t you, your sanity is actually insanity,  and your words aren’t words.” No freedom is free, but it is also highly valuable; and that is where the confusion is derived.

So if freedom is… itself, and therefore cannot be owned–we reach the crux of the argument, therein exposing the inanity and stupidity of the censorship of flag-desecration. To defend freedom of speech by saying it is some sort of gilded American sanctity, and that those who are not American, who are un-American,  or who oppose America, are somehow undeserving of freedom of speech… is absolute hypocritical, mindless, narcissistic, destructive, and above all dangerously contagious idiocy.  Simply because America pioneered [albeit imperfectly] valuing this freedom, does not justify its revoking this very same freedom.  If a country for the first time in human history eliminated all of its citizens’ rape and murder, it would not in any fucking logical way follow that this country should then instate laws that punish the unpatriotic with rape and murder. That makes as much sense as saying Elvis was such a good singer, he might as well rip out his vocal chords. …It doesn’t make sense.

Freedom is not a limited, quantifiable commodity; it is not a commodity at all; it cannot be owned. The American government does not hold a monopoly on freedom of speech; we are not more deserving of this freedom of speech that those outside of this country, nor are some Americans more deserving of this freedom than others. Those in countries where they have been stripped of freedom are not less deserving of freedom. That is utterly backwards. Those speaking out against a power-tripping, exploitative, tyrannical American government [perhaps by desecrating a flag] are not less deserving of freedom.   That is utterly backwards.

And in the end, any right, any freedom, exists… Not as a fabricated, overly idealistic, bed-time story fed to the naive, innocent, and gullible to spare them of the harsh reality of absolute futility and surrender. Nor as a bastardized version of itself, the propagandistic lies using terms that sound appealing [hope... change...] but that have no bearing on the actual intention of the speaker. Nor, does it exist arbitrarily, divinely ordained with incomprehensible reason that only the priest can decipher. No, any right, and freedom, exists because functionally, in reality, it has been proven to work. Because it has been proven to be desirable and beneficial to the human psyche. Any freedom, right, exists because it is the “should be” that can be, has been.

Some say that because freedom hasn’t been perfectly achieved, it is merely an idea that humans, in their folly, have fallen in love with, but will never have. By that same token you could say tyranny doesn’t exist at all because not every human in existence has experienced it. Both are bullshit.

In the end, human rights are inalienable, but they can be violated, which is why they need to be defended in the first place. They are real, but not tangible, and not confined to a country. They are limitless, they are free, and yet, they are attainable. That is the delicate balance.

And America not only does not own these rights, it falls very short of exemplifying them.


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The Rape of Objective Truth

Yes. Real questions are better than false answers.

But questioning, the famous and infamous spearhead of all critical thinkingquestioning itself can be wildly, dangerously, fatally dysfunctional if the faith in answers is abandoned. If questioning for the sake of questioning, not answering, begins to arise. If the pursuit of objective truth is perceived to be futile. Read: if the population loses belief in the existence of objective truth altogether.

Because that means someone [powerful] holds a monopoly on “truth,” if objectivity is surrendered. And agenda, rather than accuracy, governs belief.

For, questions are powerful in deconstructing establishment, but without valid answers they cause deep vulnerability. Vulnerability that can be taken advantage of. Catastrophically.

With extreme trauma and horror [see: the World Wars, the Holocaust, etc] come extreme body and mind altering experiences [such as: dissociation]. With extreme trauma and horror come the stretching of a person’s entire being, the rocking of a person’s entire foundation, a shattering of all stability. A sense of chaos, tumult. The breakdown of structure. And this exact type of breakdown can be seen in the [albeit brilliant and ground-breaking] avant-gardist movements that arose directly from the ashes of the Holocaust and World Wars.  Everything was questioned. Every boundary stretched, creating boundless freedom, for better or for worse.  Nothing was certain. Certainty was mocked… regarded as a pipe dream. Because the greatest atrocities known to man, the World Wars, had rocked human perception to its core.

For, what is meaning in the face of absolute chaos, the pandemonium of modern warfare?  What are values if impossible to uphold in the face of a holocaust? What is human connection in the face of utter abandonment? Yet how can we live without these things?

The most famous example of this vulnerability, and subsequent catastrophe, is that of Nazi Germany. The aftermath of World War I led to extreme destabilization of Germany, a deep vulnerability of its citizens. And this is the precise vulnerability which led to the rise of a leader, Adolph Hitler, who galvanized his profoundly lost citizens with false answers. False answers they were willing to believe because they had lost a sense of foundation.

Yes. Real questions are better than false answers.

But real questioning, without the foundation derived from belief in objectivity, can be easily manipulated. Belief in an eternally shape-shifting, subjective truth can destroy a person’s conviction. He or she refuses to commit to an idea. A type of apathy from gridlock develops. In the face of adversity, she or he will not act, will not resist. And resistance is crucial.

For, everything cannot be relative without an absolute to be relative to. Whether something is above or below depends on the fixed position of something in the center. “It’s all relative” — is that not an absolute itself?

Orwell himself wrote in this letter of the the extreme example of disbelief in objectivity: “With this go the horrors of emotional nationalism and a tendency to disbelieve in the existence of objective truth because all the facts have to fit in with the words and prophecies of some infallible fuhrer. Already history has in a sense ceased to exist, i.e. there is no such thing as a history of our own times which could be universally accepted, and the exact sciences are endangered as soon as military necessity ceases to keep people up to the mark.”

This revision of history can already be seen, though sometimes disguised in more benevolent terms. Language itself is altered, sanitized, and whitewashed to be more politically correct, in attempt to shield people from the taboo nature of certain subjects. And as language alteration is embraced, whitewashing slips into brainwashing. More drastic examples of the rewriting of history can be seen in Oliver Stones’ documentary “The Untold History of the United States,” [including examples such as: the atomic bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima were unnecessary and irrelevant to the ending of World War II].

Another current example of the harm of loss of objectivity?  Moral relativism. While the attempt to embrace difference and foreign culture is admirable and highly valuable… complete abandonment of inherence of morals completely devalues morality altogether. If the justification “It’s just a cultural difference” can be applied to one behavior, it can be applied to any — corrupt or not.


And it is highly convenient for those in power that trauma and horror lead to destabilization, dismantling of perception. Because this leads to vulnerability. Which can be taken advantage of by those in power. Which in turn leads to more corruption. And trauma. And horror.

And hence the cycle of war — to keep those in power, in power.

It is imperative hold onto belief in objectivity.

Observe your surroundings for yourself; trust your perception; gather information, but with a grain of salt; yes, question, but hold convictions as well. The government is not infallible [a fact that may seem obvious now, but may not in the distant future].


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[Opinion]: The Irony of Egoism in the Name of America

They are marvelously American traits: to lavishly power-trip, to mindlessly lust for domination!
Be it the frat boy slovenly drunk and barfighting to establish territory over his girl… or be it the pigs driveling as they grope you to meet their quota.

And then to ridicule pain, to view it as weakness. Go to any high school around the country where they smell fear like hounds and crucify those who exude it. Or check in with your nearest psychiatrist who will assuredly tell you your pain is a disorder.

To whitewash everything until the notions of pain or darkness become threatening because “it’ll lead to another columbine” ["they were always outsiders"]. It’s no longer just unaccepted, it’s punishable.

And then to numbly embrace the resultant botoxed smiles plastered on every billboard and ad online or on tv because you don’t want to be the outsider, to be weak, because you want to consume-consume-consume material-material-material too until the American Dream [read: induced hallucination] becomes yours!

And there will be no pain in you to ridicule, you think, because material indulgence equates to happiness, right? And you can trod on the heads of others, now, because you’re on top! Because you’re in control now! Because you’ve dominated, you’ve succeeded!

It’s disgusting. It’s catastrophic. And it’s spreading.

And the irony of it all is that the blind egoism, blind ethnocentrism, the blind patriotism, and the incessant urge to dominate are precisely what the American elite breed in our population to ensure blind compliance, submission… “I’d do anything for my country…

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Whitewashing. Euphemisms. Propaganda. False & induced evolution of language to censor expression of dissent, of independent thought. To restrict freedom of speech, but even more, freedom of language: the very fundamental tool that comprises all communication of thought. Freedom of thought.  And if stripped of the ability to even form an articulate thought, one is nearly stripped of independent thought altogether — and one is absolutely stripped of the power to communicate, organize and enact such thought. Unthinkable. And yet…

Pacification- an oxymoronic military term for forcing the enemy into absolute submission through violence [the opposite of peace, peacemaking, or anything remotely related to peace].

Collateral Damage- a euphemistic, coded military term for an innocent person needlessly murdered in war, intentionally or not. Sickening in its desensitizing effect due to its deliberately veiled language. “Brutalized innocent victim” may be more accurate.

Newspeak is the language artificially contrived by the totalitarian state in George Orwell‘s dystopian novel 1984. It is designed to literally render all unorthodox thought [read: political dissent] verbally inconceivable.

Orwell, in the appendix to 1984, wrote that the “purpose of Newspeak was not only to provide a medium of expression for the world-view and mental habits proper to the devotees of IngSoc, but to make all other modes of thought impossible … A heretical thought … should be literally unthinkable, at least so far as thought is dependent on words.”

Corporate Personhood- the rendering of corporations to be legally considered “persons,” or “individual citizens.” And so in bastardizing the constitution to serve the interest of the [sociopathic, conscienceless] corporations, as opposed to [real, living, breathing, conscious] individuals, the government feigns to be serving the “people.”

National Security Agency- an oxymoronic name of the American agency that, among other things, spies on its own citizens with staggering amounts of illegally gathered information. And thus, a sense of terror, rather than security is bestowed because we have been rendered guilty until proven innocent. National Surveillance Agency would be a more fitting name.

The relevance? Newspeak already exists. But in a much more dangerous, subversive form. Not only is the government manufacturing new sanitized, euphemistic language, but it is manufacturing something far worse.

American Exceptionalism- a glittering, pleasant-sounding term for the American arrogance, ethnocentrism, & superiority complex used as a perceived justification for the rape, sabotage, destruction, military intervention & occupation of foreign cultures.

Globalization- a sanitized term of highly positive connotation to describe the phenomenon of cultural blending on a global scale into what will ultimately become a super-culture. Particularly relevant because the notion of a super-culture ultimately converges with the notion of a lavishly powerful New World Order, though the latter is widely spurned and dismissed as a conspiracy theory.

The government is manufacturing newspeak under the guise of freedom. Words themselves are not necessarily disappearing… but the meanings behind them are. Their meanings are slipping away largely unnoticed, as the public rests comfortably manipulated. Unthreatened. Because there is no semblance of change. Because we can still say, “I’m a liberal and you’re a conservative, so I will fight against you” and vice versa. But this is a false dichotomy and the language has been bastardized. We do not speak the same language as those 50 years ago. And yet the vocabulary remains the same. A moderate now would be an extremist back then.

Liberalism vs. Conservatism- a false dichotomy to create the illusion of freedom in elections. Ultimately, the trend towards an American corporatocracy and police state prevails, and the corruption of both parties serves the same master: money.

And the very fact that this shift in language is occurring is obscured by its covert nature; if we saw, the shift would never happen. “That was the ultimate subtlety; consciously to induce unconsciousness, and then, once again, to become unconscious of the act of hypnosis you had just performed.” — Orwell on Doublethink. Because we operate with these same words, it is as though nothing has changed, as though it it has always been this way. And history is literally rewritten. And we are none the wiser if operating under this stupor of lethargic compliance.

Terrorist- a generic but potent term [that has been dramatically redefined for the current American government's agenda] for an enemy of the state, including but not limited to one who is “reverent of individual liberty,” one who is “suspicious of centralized authority,” or one who thinks there is “a grave threat to national sovereignty and/or personal liberty.” Seen here. [So if you are dissatisfied with this very definition of a terrorist, you are one yourself.]

Patriot- one who blindly complies with and unthinkingly swallows the American regime. Simultaneously arrogant about being American, and yet submissive to American authority.


Do not comply. Do not forget.


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